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Web Design

Your website needs to have the right look and feel to keep customers coming back and to beat your competition. I offer professional website design at an affordable price for everyone!

Graphic Design

I am happy to work with you to develop a completely new design or tweak an old one to make it more modern and professional.

WordPress Development

I am offering WordPress theme developments that are easily customizable so that you can add content that you feel is appropriate for your business.


Libin was a very talented front end developer. He was able to perform up to standards consistently, and was willing to put in long hours when required to complete whatever tasks came his way. I would absolutely work with Libin again.

Julian Frachtman, Co-founder at Jutera Labs

Libin is a talented and front end developer that can be counted on to get a job done right and on time. His work ethic is strong and his skill is top notch. Libin's professionalism, attitude and communication skills make him extremely easy to work with. I would absolutely recommend Libin, he is a great asset to any team.

Cortnee Doyle, Product Manager at Jutera Labs

I highly recommend Libin as a Front End Developer because he is not only very quickly when implementing a design, but also has an extraordinary attention to detail. He does a good job communicating any obstacles he might encounter and never gets block with a task. I can say Libin is definitely a doer with a great dosis of common sense and timed decision-making.

Adriana De La Cuadra, Creative Director at Jutera Labs

I really can't say enough about what a joy Libin is to work with. He is highly experienced, intelligent and can always be trusted to get the job done. Libin most certainly gets my seal of approval! He has so many great qualities but the one that stands out in my mind the most is his passion for his industry. He is always learning new tools and tricks and does not shy away from sharing his knowledge with colleagues. I had the pleasure of working with Libin on many projects and would recommend him for any web development project. His contribution to Digital Labz was Awesome and Great.

Thomson Chemmanoor, CEO Digial Labz LLC

As a Designer/Programmer, Libin's skills and knowledge of the fundamentals required are exceptionally advanced. Libin has performed as a skilled professional in all aspects as a Web Designer/Programmer, getting the job done with compliance to all web standards. I would highly recommend Libin to be a part of any creative, technically bound company within Web development/ Programming.

Tony M, Manager Digial Labz LLC

My Work

Who is this Guy?


Hi, I'm Libin. CEO and Founder of LANS Creative Digital Lab. Working as a Front End Developer at Jutera Labs, Bangalore, India. Creative background with skills in web/graphic design, Programming, CMS and beyond. Well versed in WordPress. Interested in creative Web designing, photo and video editing.

After acquiring B.Tech Information Technology from Cochin University for Science and Technology, I joined in Digital Labz LLC and gave some great contributions to the company. I spent several years working as a freelance web/Graphic Designer.

Nerdy Skills

  • Wordpress / CMS 90%
  • HTML / CSS3 100%
  • Design90%
  • jQuery80%
  • PHP70%
  • Search Engine Optimzation60%

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